The “I’m Anxious About” Podcast Episode 1: Start Here, Show Notes + Transcript

The “I’m Anxious About” Podcast Episode 1: Start Here, Show Notes + Transcript

Perhaps not surprisingly, this is the beginning of it all for Allison and Chris. It’s the first episode that was published on the I’m Anxious About feed, back on May 13, 2020, and it still holds true as an indication of what listeners can expect from the show.

We’ll need to stop writing now before we get emotional and start using quotes such as “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Episode Description: “In this brief introductory episode, Chris and Allison introduce themselves, talk a little about what inspired this anxiety podcast, and give the listeners a little taste of what’s ahead.”

IAA 1: Start Here – Episode Transcript


Christopher Mitchell & Allison Green

Chris 00:24

Hello, and welcome to the I’m anxious about podcasts. I’m Christopher Mitchell, a travel writer based in Canada.

Allison 00:31

And I’m Allison Green, a travel writer currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Chris 00:37

And we met actually a few years back on a trip in Romania. And we spent more or less two weeks riding a bus together all around the country, during some pretty interesting times. And in getting to know each other, we realized that we both had a little bit of anxiety going on, but in very different ways.

Allison 00:58

Yes, Chris tends to be the more hyperactive, very visible kind of anxiety. And I tend to be the more like, slow burn, I’m dying inside, and the world feels like it’s melting, but I can’t do or show anything about it. So it’s very different forms of anxiety, which we found quite interesting, as we were discussing it during this ill-fated trip to Romania.

Chris 01:28

Exactly. And then, as we kept in touch, eventually we got the chance to cohost another podcast together just a little bit, just a couple times on a little bit of a guest situation and realized that we might actually have a pretty good rapport to work with.

And so we were talking one day, and in realizing we were coming at this whole exactly thing from from two very different directions – we kind of thought, “wouldn’t it be fun if each week, we discussed a different topic and talked about how that might make us anxious, but also maybe how it makes one of us anxious and one not anxious at all?”

Allison 02:02

Exactly. So each week, we’re planning on covering a different topic. Some of them will be more mainstream anxieties, like a fear of flying, others will be slightly more obscure, like my pathological phobia of bananas, or Chris’s pathological fear of silence.

Chris  02:23

Terrifying. Silence is terrifying.

Allison  02:26

As are bananas.

And so we are really excited to have you here with us. But just a few quick notes on what the podcast is not. It is not a therapy podcast, we have zero qualifications to help you because frankly, we’re still working on helping ourselves and it’s not going so great. And we just hope that you can find some comfort, and some humor in hearing us talk frankly, about our respective struggles with anxiety and how anxiety can look very different for different people.

And no form of anxiety is wrong or weird. They’re all just different manifestations of the same experience. So with that, we really hope that you will stick around with us as we explore some interesting topics. And we hope you enjoy the show.

Christopher  03:25

Yeah, thanks so much everybody and I hope we live up to all of what was just said!

And I think the main thing down the line is here is that we’re looking to welcome everybody in and share a lot more smiles and laughs than tears. This is kind of like our own little experiment to see if we might learn a few things about ourselves. And hopefully, you know, it’ll help you along the way. But we’re not you know, as I said, we’re not therapy. We’re just kind of like, just trying to have a little fun and hope that resonates with you guys.

So thanks so much for tuning in. And I guess let’s get this this whole thing kicked off. Right?

Allison   04:01

Let’s go. That was… that was a little strange. That was a little powerful, “Lettsssss go.”

Christopher 04:09

I loved it.

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